WORKSHOPS (see also ‘Writing Days’ under ‘News’ for recently-arranged workshops in August.)

Writing from Life

The Thursday evening group meets at my house in mid-Surrey, 7.45--9.45pm, during the autumn and spring terms only. What with my husband retiring and wanting to go places and do things and our grandchild-count going up, something has to give and it’s been the Wednesday morning group for the moment.  I’m pleased to say those lovely people are continuing to meet and appear to be flourishing without me.

If you are interested in joining Writing from Life on a Thursday evening, don’t delay, email Chris

Writing from Life groups are:

  • Friendly and supportive rather than competitive
  • We write on the spot so there is no homework but lots of laughter
  • We aim to enjoy our writing and time together
  • To grow in confidence through practice, through listening to and appreciating others’ writing and, in turn, through reading our own work out loud
    SEE ALSO ‘WRITING DAYS’ news page

Write On

I also lead a Write On group for a limited number of people engaged in ongoing writing projects such as novels.
Each person emails to everyone else an extract of not more than 1500 words from their work in progress a week before we meet,  which is on a week-night evening about every six weeks. Then we all critique, inform, comment, spur on, add ideas - or whatever will help these writers who are in it for the difficult long-haul.

The group is full currently but I can open a waiting list, so if you are interested  email Chris  


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