Writing from Life

Writing from Life groups are:

  • Friendly and supportive rather than competitive
  • We’ve always written on the spot, with nothing to prepare beforehand but, during lockdown people valued having time to write at home, on a topic I suggested or one of their choice. We’ll do a mix of ‘write on the spot’ and ‘write beforehand and read it to us’ at the meetings when we restart this autumn.
  • We aim above all to enjoy our writing and time together and there is always plenty of laughter
  • People to grow in confidence through practice, through listening to and appreciating others’ writing and, in turn, through reading our own work out loud

The Thursday evening group meets at my house in mid-Surrey, 7.45--9.45pm, during the autumn and spring terms only in normal times. We start again on 14 October with 10 sessions ending on 16 December. The price for the term is £100 but anyone wanting to try us out, do email Chris for a free trial session on 14 October.
If you are interested in  Writing from Life,

Write On

I also lead a Write On group for a limited number of people engaged in ongoing writing projects such as novels.
Each person emails to everyone else an extract of not more than 1500 words from their work in progress a week before we meet,  which is on a week-night evening about once a month. Then we all critique, inform, comment, spur on, add ideas - or whatever will help these writers who are in it for the difficult long-haul.

We have one space, so, If you are interested, do  email Chris  with details of the kind of book you are writing or wanting to write. As two of the group have moved away from the area but want to continue with us we are running this as a hybrid meeting  some face to face and some meet with us via video call.

Summer writing days run during the school holidays in my mid-Surrey garden. That’s  in normal years but I didn’t run them this year - see ‘Writing Days’ page.


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