Writing from Life Workshops

I run a small, friendly and encouraging group weekly, in the Autumn and Spring terms each year, in mid Surrey. It is designed to be enjoyable for writers of any ability, including complete beginners. There is some writing on the spot but normally no 'homework'.


Summer Writing Days

 (Not being run in 2020 because of Covid-caused difficulties)
Normally I run a few of these each August - see under ‘News: Writing days’ . Each day runs from 10.00-4.00 in my mid-Surrey house and/or garden, depending on the weather.

A great opportunity for some relaxed but dedicated writing time, spent with like-minded people, plus some encouragement from me. People bring their own lunch and I provide tea, coffee and water. Suitable for anyone from beginner to more experienced writer, so long as they are prepared to ‘have a go’.

See the Writing days news page for more details and/or email Chris if you would like me to keep you informed. Normally I plan the days in the spring.

Write On Groups

I run a small six-weekly group in mid-Surrey for people with on-going writing projects such as novels. If you are interested, email Chris to find out more.  (Meeting monthly by Zoom during the Covid restrictions but full, currently)

Here is the concept:

The idea is that we meet about 6-weekly at a mutually convenient time – which is normally on a week-night evening, 8-10pm. We used to book these 2 ahead but are now trying to book several at a time and pay for those up front at the rate of £8.50 a session.

Before we meet everyone takes an extract from their work not exceeding 1500 words and (first time only) writes a half page synopsis stating scope, purpose, intended readership etc  People email this to each of the others in the group, plus myself, at least a week before we meet. It's a case of 'no excuses barring death!' or the whole thing wouldn't work – people learn from criticising one another's work constructively as well as receiving crits. Plus deadlines are what people say they need to motivate them to actually write something.

When we meet everyone gets an equal tranche of time (eg 12 mins if the max 8 are there) and we all criticise, encourage, suggest markets etc. It seems to work well. Individuals are usually writing very different things which makes for an interesting evening. Group members tend to become very supportive of one another (some even meet to write together between sessions and there are occasional, optional, meals out too.) The support pays off when people hit the inevitable 'my book is complete rubbish and I'm throwing it in the bin' moment/s

Email Chris if you are interested or would like to book for autumn 2020
but first see the Workshop News page for more details, including cost, dates etc )


Thursday evening group

Meets at my house in mid-Surrey, 7.45--9.45pm.
 (Meeting by Zoom during the Covid restrictions)

Chris Leonard Writing